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I try to provide a lot of useful and unique assets at very low prices. I'm always looking for problems with any items I sell and I do my best to keep them updated with improvements. If you customize any of my items, be sure to save copies of the original, your edits, and the updates to make sure you have as many options as possible. If you have used my assets in a game and would like me to help promote it in some way, send me a link of some kind and I will see what I can do. Feel free to contact me with any questions about my items or to report any problems you find with them. Before contacting me for a fix for item positioning, lightmapping issues, or otherwise, make sure you have checked the entity's folder contents, editor properties, and FPE for a possible solution in your personal situation. This includes whether an item is static or dynamic, physics are on or off, collision type, whether an item has an illumination map ( and any other settings or files that may be playing into your problem.