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I make assets that typically relate to my personal life in some way or another. I try to make as many unique things as possible, giving users more options to break up the usual, same old scenery. My items and packs are frequently updated with additions and improvements. When downloading updated versions of my items, you may need to erase your old DBO files. In some cases you may want to delete all of the previous files and start fresh. This is especially helpful in cases where texture names have changed. If you have used my assets in a game and would like me to help promote it in some way, send me a link of some kind and I will see what I can do. Please contact me through the store's messaging system to report any problems you find with my assets. This method gets the quickest results, thanks to email notifications. Big thanks to anyone and everyone who has supported my efforts here. You can follow along with any news I have at this link: