How do I download my items?

The answer depends on what software you are using, if you are using GameGuru you can download your purchases by doing the following.

  • Open GameGuru via Steam
  • Once GameGuru is open, click the "File" menu in the top left. Select the "Download store items" option from the list.
  • On the popup window that appears, click "Download" in the bottom right.
  • Your purchases will download and can then be found ready for use in GameGuru.

If you are not using GameGuru you can download by visiting the purchases page in your account area and clicking the green download button.

If the download button is greyed out this usually means the item must be downloaded from within GameGuru or another application.

How do I backup my store items in GameGuru?

To backup your store files in GameGuru you must backup the whole "Files" directory where GameGuru is installed. This is because files from the store can be placed in any of the sub folders and missing any of them may cause your entire purchase history to redownload.

The default install location for GameGuru is "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Game Guru\Files".

Why am I limited to 5 free items a month?

We all love free stuff. However allowing users to download unlimited free items in the past proved to be very expensive for bandwidth costs.

We give you 5 free items a month that you can download for 24 hours after purchase. This download time can be be extended if you have technical issues downloading during the 24 hour period, if this is the case please contact support.

"Not Logged in to the Game Guru Store" error when trying to download in GameGuru

If you get this error when trying to download, it means you are either not logged in to Steam or we couldn't find your Steam account on the store.

If you have purchased from the store, you should check you have linked your Steam account to the account you purchased with. You can do this in your TheGameCreators account area. After linking you must logout of the store and login again.

"Invalid email or password (Error 1147)" error when trying to download in GameGuru

This error occurs when Steam is unable to send your Steam ID to the downloader system.

This issue can be resolved by exiting GameGuru, logging out of Steam and logging in again. You should then be able to download correctly, if this is not the case please try again later as it may be an issue with the Steam servers

Can I select individual items for download?

If you are using GameGuru you cannot download items indivdually or choose what to download at this time.

Otherwise you can download whatever you wish from the purchases area.

What is the licensing agreement?

Our product licensing is very simple, you can use every item purchased in any piece of software. You can release anything produced without need to pay royalties, all that is required is you credit artists.

When crediting artists you can find the text you must use in your account purchases area.

Please note if you are working as a team, each team member must have a licence, if you require a bulk licence agreement contact support

What are "Verified" artists?

"Verified" artists have been selected by store admins because the quality of their media is of consistant high quality. We are often impressed by these artists and they can be identified by the "Verified" badge next to their artist name.

What are "Reward Points" and how can I spend them?

Every time you place an order using credit/debit card or PayPal you will recieve "Reward Points", these points can then be used to download extra free items and in future loads of exciting features.

You can check how many "Reward Points" you have on your store account page.

"Reward points" are not given for payments using account credit.

Why can't I see the download option in GameGuru?

If you cannot see the "Download store items" option in the GameGuru file menu please ensure your restricted content lock is disabled. If you have enabled the restricted content mode you will not be able to download from the store.

What is store credit and how do I use it?

Store credit is a balance of funds you have to spend on the Game Creator Store, you can add to your funds and placing an order will subtract from the available funds.

To spend your store credit add products to your basket and at checkout choose store credit as your payment method.

When purchasing using store credit you are not charged any fees or taxes

  • Store credit is valid for 12 months after which it will expire.
  • Store credit cannot be refunded or exchanged.
I live in the EU, why am I charged VAT?

Businesses that sell digital products in the EU must collect VAT on sales at the rate of VAT where the customer resides. This means that if you live in the EU we must charge you the same VAT as any business in your country.

As of 1st January 2021 the UK is no longer a member of the EU and we no longer need to charge VAT to customers based in the UK.

We are a registered business in the United Kingdom, we are registered for VAT as part of the non-union scheme in Ireland, VAT registration number EU372022157

Can I modify items I purchase and still use in my commercial game?

Your licence allows you to modify any part of any item purchased on the store. This means you can edit items as much as you wish and still use them royalty free.

You cannot resell or share any product, even if you have modified the product.