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Some tutorials would be nice for us newcomers to the platform. Although it is quite easy in comparison to what I remember of our older sdk's, many settings and features are buried and there isn't a whole lot of direction on how to access them. I suffer from a disability now, so much of my former knowledge is lost to me, and even if it weren't, by now it is almost completely irrelevant. (I predate your Visual Studio, and remember using QBASIC and later VB when it still had draw features far before it became VS.) Having suffered cognitive losses along with memory loss, I find myself close to that of a newb in relativity, and decided to use my time stuck home with this issue to try again to re-enter the game industry I went to school for. This was to be my starting point, but I find it difficult to in fact get started with the lack of true tutorial videos or writings available, and having no working knowledge of the scripting language in use. Please work to remedy this, as I would like to rise in the ranks with the rest of you and need a good solid place to start rebuilding my knowledge and experience.


Hi LordSiidius, sorry to hear of your situation.

Perhaps it would help to request a specific tutorial you have in mind, or maybe make a list of things you would like to see covered by a series of tutorials.

There are a few around but it may take a bit of digging to find them.
For example:
Bolt Action Gaming has done a few good tuts on lighting. Here's the Fourth Installment of my lighting tutorial series
DVader covered one on Make Your Own Hud


@ LordSiidius
GG already has useful tutos/videos and maps for starting, into the app itself.
Inside the script area of the forum, you've some stick talking about lua commands and functions.
Even here you can get some useful info:



Wow...forgot about this thread after my computer went out on me. I am back up with a nice rebuild of my own doing and back into GG. I did not mean any offense with my statement. To clarify, I saw (and still predominately see) vids that aim to be tutorials, but the don't really take an idea to completion, leaving you with only fragments and questions. I was used to things like Visual Basic, where I could drag and drop what I didn't want to code and line things up visually, then double click or right click on an item to open the code editor behind the scenes to place things in...so making scripts that tie into the hardcode of the GG and tying it to some object was hard for me to wrap my mind around.

Those suggestions are exactly the type tutorials I think should happen. HUDS are something I am still struggling with in some ways, so I will take the time to look through those vids now that I see them here. I have nothing but respect for you guys and have even bought assets from dvader, 3com, and Reliquia on the tgc storefront, some of which was code to break it down and see it (as I learn best by examples, seeing, then doing) to improve my own ability with GG.

Right now, my biggest frustration is that the GG software looks it's best in isometric top down mode and frames are much better, but I cannot seem to figure out how to compensate for the cursor / aim thing and am aware in that mode I am just shooting my feet. This is the genre outside of First Person and side scroll that I am most interested in. Side scroll is a similar issue in some ways. FPS works great but tends to look the worst. I now have a build that can run Witcher 3 on max settings without any lag and I can see frames in GG First person hit the low 20's. Not hating...I know it's still a work in progress, but just throwing out some ideas that hit me that may help the next guy if the community get's behind it.

Thanks for all you do!
Is there an all in one program for importing, editing, rigging, animating, mapping, and exporting models for use in the Game Guru? I've tried 3ds max which does not work on my computer, Some people say blender which I find is a not so user friendly joke. The one program that does work on my computer is poser which is completely incompatible with Game Guru.

What is the big secret?

I would kill to know.

Yeah, GG does have performance issues, but is on Lee's radar to get sorted.

As with anything in the 3D world optimisation is key, and that of course starts with the level design - this is of course a huge topic in itself. In case you missed it, Wolf posted a nice sticky in this regard over in GG land: Optimization for End Users.

As for isometric issues, there was a thread over in the GG forums discussing the exact issue you are describing - maybe search isometric or something over there. There are few devs over there that are keen on that genre as well.

I think it would be best to post this topic over in the Game Guru forums, as the Store is not run by TGC any longer, and this forum is not geared toward GG issues, unless you are having problems with media obtained from here for use in GG.

As you know the crowd over in the Game Guru forums are super friendly, and are always eager to help a hand.


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