Tutorials / Lack of Tutorials
Some tutorials would be nice for us newcomers to the platform. Although it is quite easy in comparison to what I remember of our older sdk's, many settings and features are buried and there isn't a whole lot of direction on how to access them. I suffer from a disability now, so much of my former knowledge is lost to me, and even if it weren't, by now it is almost completely irrelevant. (I predate your Visual Studio, and remember using QBASIC and later VB when it still had draw features far before it became VS.) Having suffered cognitive losses along with memory loss, I find myself close to that of a newb in relativity, and decided to use my time stuck home with this issue to try again to re-enter the game industry I went to school for. This was to be my starting point, but I find it difficult to in fact get started with the lack of true tutorial videos or writings available, and having no working knowledge of the scripting language in use. Please work to remedy this, as I would like to rise in the ranks with the rest of you and need a good solid place to start rebuilding my knowledge and experience.


Hi LordSiidius, sorry to hear of your situation.

Perhaps it would help to request a specific tutorial you have in mind, or maybe make a list of things you would like to see covered by a series of tutorials.

There are a few around but it may take a bit of digging to find them.
For example:
Bolt Action Gaming has done a few good tuts on lighting. Here's the Fourth Installment of my lighting tutorial series
DVader covered one on Make Your Own Hud


@ LordSiidius
GG already has useful tutos/videos and maps for starting, into the app itself.
Inside the script area of the forum, you've some stick talking about lua commands and functions.
Even here you can get some useful info:



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