Site Suggestions and Feedback / Something odd i just noticed about the forum
It's nothing major, something i noticed and thought wow that's weird, it's either a huge coincidence, or a bug in the time on the forum....

.... if you look at the posting times of almost all the posts you will see a pattern ....

Just in the first 5 threads of this section of the forums:

By The Next
at 5th Oct 2016 14:14

By The Next
at 1st Oct 2016 19:19

By evilcorp
at 11th Dec 2016 10:10

By gtox
at 5th Dec 2016 17:17

By The Next
at 26th Oct 2016 20:20

See the pattern?
Wow, yeah. I'm going to guess that it is not completely accurate!
Interesting I will look into it.
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