The following information applies to any products sold listed as supporting the GameGuru engine.

  • Liability for updating products sold as supporting GameGuru lies completely with the seller and the GameGuru developers.
  • Sellers support the latest stable version of GameGuru;
    • they do not have to support older versions of GameGuru, if you wish to keep an older version of GameGuru you should retain your own backups of store products before downloading seller updates.
    • they do not have to support beta/pre-release versions of GameGuru.
  • Store products may not work in beta/pre-release versions of GameGuru. Sellers are NOT required to update their products until a GameGuru update has been officially released as a stable build.
  • The store will not offer refunds/replacements for products that do not work in beta/pre-release versions of GameGuru.
  • Sellers should be allowed a reasonable grace period after the release of a GameGuru update before you request any updates for products, it takes time to produce updates please be patient.
  • Sellers may retire products, after a period of 6 months of retiring they may choose to drop support for that product (unless you have an extended support agreement). After this time sellers are not required to release store product updates for GameGuru updates.

The latest stable version of GameGuru is defined as the latest version officially released by the GameGuru developers that is not listed as a beta or pre-release.

GameGuru MAX

Only assets marked as supporting GameGuru MAX on the asset store page will be officially supported by sellers. GameGuru Classic assets may work with GameGuru MAX even if not marked as supported but will not appear in the automatic downloader in GameGuru MAX.

There is no guarantee of upgrade of GameGuru Classic assets to support GameGuru MAX, refunds or exchange will not be offered for GameGuru Classic assets that do not work in GameGuru MAX.