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This pack allows you to create vast city-skylines within seconds in almost any 3D engine.
It has been designed to be used in places the player can not reach, such as outside of windows, behind walls, behind other buildings, on the far horizon to make your levels feal truely huge and epic in scale.

Inspired by how games like Deus Ex: Human Revolution or Rainbow Six: Vegas gave us the illusion of being in a huge city by using very simple meshes.

All models are lowpoly and use compressed yet highres. .dds textures.

While the pack is geared towards nighttime city-themed levels, I also included some assets that can be used for daytime levels.

The props have the necessary shadermaps to work well in reloaded. Combines well with other city themed media available in the store.

Easy to use: Compare the size of the windows of the building to navigate on how close or how far from each other to place the building. This can be done in the reloaded editor. Some buildings can be used closer, others further away.

Disclaimer: This pack features props designed to be used in the background, places the player can not reach. They are lower in polycount and smaller than 1:1 cityprops. This is obvious to most of you but might not be apparent to newer users.


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