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Add a bit of retro flare to your FPSC Reloaded environments with these fun, animated assets inspired by classic arcade game designs of the 80s!

12 different animated arcade cabinet models use simple "flip-card" animated screens with between 2 and 6 different screens to cycle through.

You will also find one "Out of Order" game with the rear panel removed exposing the PCB and other innards.

Each cabinet style includes two versions. One version with fictitious game livery and attract/demo screens and another which is meant for the user to customize with their own designs. This could be a neat way to advertise your other game projects from within your Reloaded game or add some fun Easter eggs!

This pack also includes a classic, freestanding bill-changer device. There are two texture variants included. One for "change" and another for "tokens".

Lastly, I have included an arcade stool in two heights (short for cocktail cabinets and tall for the others). These stools share a single texture for efficiency and include two LOD stages.

The art style for these assets are worn and a bit dusty/grungy but realistically serviceable. Models are not needlessly high-poly and generally weigh in between 300-600 triangles each. Texture maps are 1024x1024 and include diffuse, normal and specular maps. Illumination maps are also provided where appropriate.

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