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This pack includes 65 grunge type models. Includes the following:

Bathroom Items:
-6 Total Bathroom Cabinets (3 Clean & 3 Bloody Texture)
-2 Total Bathroom Sinks (1 Clean & 1 Bloody Texture)
-1 Dental Floss
-1 Toothbrush
-1 Pill Bottle
-1 Toilet Paper Holder
-1 Roll of Toilet Paper
-4 Total Towel Racks (2 Clean & 2 Bloody)

Bedroom Items:
-3 50's based TV's
-1 Record Player
-1 Smartwatch
-1 Bedframe
-6 Total Dressers (3 Clean & 3 Bloody Textures)
-12 Total Mattress' (3 Clean,3 Bloody, 3 Grunge, & 3 Burned Textures)
-1 Standing Mirror
-2 Total Tablets (1 Black & 1 White Texture)
-1 Full Ashtray

Living Room Items:
-Grungy Coffee Table
-Clean Coffee Table
-Grungy End Table
-Clean End Table
-Grungy Antique Picture Frame
-Grungy Antique Rocking Chair (ANIMATED!)

Outside Items:
-Antique Wall Mailbox
-Grungy Modern Mailbox

and more!!

Product Details

Artist Robert Fitzy
Non-Pack Price $188.57
Pack Saving 86.74%
Number of Items 64
Sales 150

Engine Support

The seller has indicated the following engine support for some or all of the products in this pack, check individual products for complete support.

GameGuru Yes
AppGameKit Yes
Unity Yes
Unreal Yes
Other Engines Yes

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File Formats

DDS .dds
AutoDesk FBX .fbx
PNG .png
DirectX .x


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