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The Ultimate Enter-able Buildings model pack for Game Guru! Volume one includes X amount of hand crafted, uniquely textures open and enter-able buildings for your games. Multi floors, stairs, and open areas. Grunge textures, all HD and shader mapped - these buildings will enhance your games with added quality of Valuable Assets.

Styles of buildings included in this pack:

The Compound - A grunge old military brick
The Depot - An old worn industrial brick
The Outpost - A snowy brick old brick
The Favela - Old run down Favela slum buildings
Urban Slums - Graffiti and dirty buildings with shanty roofs

There are many variations and versions of buildings and most textures come on all building types. This pack is designed with as much variation as possible so you can really create unique environments for your games using these models. Combine multiple texture variations in a scene to really expand your environment.

These models all work very well with multiplayer, and were designed with that feature in mind. Drop a few in the world and play against your friends in game in minutes! These buildings are meant to enhance the Game Guru stock assets and can be used along with any stock item.

There is too much to list in the pack, see all the unique assets below! Volume One is the first set of buildings, with more to come, stay tuned!

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21st Feb '18 16:19
This user owns this pack
They're still missing texture till now. I re-downloaded. When will it be fixed?
8th May '17 15:39
Working this fix soon, sorry for the inconvenience. thank you.
6th May '17 15:02
This user owns this pack
Hello, Slam Building (1), (2), and (3) are missing the wall texture.
Can you fix that asap please?

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