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mills hill

medieval village

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16th Jan '20 22:06
@ Marque Oh, wrong post. Yes, I changed it
16th Jan '20 21:55
Thank you very much.
Change the line in the fpe as follows: effect = effectbank \ reloaded \ decal_animate8.fx
This applies to all objects that fail on the shader.
16th Jan '20 11:36
So have you updated the file here before I buy it? Want to make sure I don't have to find you for it later lol
14th May '18 17:41
Many Thanks. Yes, you can change that. Are you the Reactor from the forum? If so, then I'll send you the 3 .fpe's. This is waterfall.fpe, waves.fpe and barrelwater.fpe. Do not forget to delete the respective .dbo before. Or else better... Here the link >> [LINK REMOVED]
12th May '18 03:24
This user owns this pack
lafette just wanted to say that i love the work you've done on mills hill, just one question every time i try to use the waterfall or the waterfall waves it says that the shaders needs to be HLSL 5.0 or above; is there a way to fix this or are you able to update the shader? thanks in advance and again great work.

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