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This pack is going to contain everything you need to build a city using a drag and drop road system for Game Guru. Included in this pack, is a road system, city signs, traffic barriers, street lamps and lights, road markers and lines, crosswalks and much more!

All high quality textures, using shaders.

Normal, Specular, and Diffuse maps included. Sizes range from 1024^2 to 4096^2

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Non-Pack Price $274.10
Pack Saving 90.88%
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13th Nov '17 21:37
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VA is far and away one of the best authors on this store; this pack represents the best of his work. I've owned it for a year or so now and the quality oozes out of every single element. The road kit alone makes this a vital purchase. All the other pieces really help add to the feel of creating a gritty city, perfect for a number of different environments. The high quality textures ensure that your game will look as good as possible within this engine.

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