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This megapack contains all the assets released by Valuable Assets during the 2015 year, as well as a few bonuses. Included in this pack are the following packs:

Premium Packs:
Guru Buildings Volume One
Guru Buildings Volume Two
Guru Roads: City Builder

As a huge bonus - You ALSO receive the VA 2014 Complete Collection as well.
The Valuable Assets 2014 Complete Collection pack includes every model, item, and package released during the 2014 year by Valuable Assets.Included in the pack are over 220 items, spanning across 18 different model packs that were released in 2014. You immediately upgrade your developer pallet with many resources useful for populating your games from the Valuable Assets Store. With every model included in this pack each one has included high quality texture maps, usually 1024 or 2048 pixel maps, with Normals and Specular texture maps of identical size and quality.

Valuable Assets 2014 Complete Collection - 221 Items Included
Pack Contents:
Old, Grunge, Derelict Building Pack
Building Ruins : Scorched Brick
Telephone Wire, Street Lamp & Tower Structure Pack
Medieval Walls Structure Pack
Makeshift Wood Structure Kit
Essential Blood: Stains, Smears, and Splatters Detail Pack
Papers, Documents, and Blueprints Detail Pack
Garbage, Trash, and Litter Detail Pack

Valuable Assets 2014 Free CollectionAsset Packs:
Old Playground Park Asset Pack
Old Showers Asset Pack
Cinderblocks Asset Pack
Wood Planks Scattered Asset Pack
Wood Planks: Plain, Dirty, Colored Asset Pack
Clean Furniture Asset Pack
Metal Filing Cabinets Asset Pack
Metal Shelving Rusted and Broken Asset Pack
Old Mattresses Asset Pack

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GameGuru Yes

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24th Jun '19 16:55
This user owns this pack
A HUGE (800 ish?) selection of models. Most are of decent quality, a few are even better than decent. Overall a VERY good deal for your money. With that said though, I did have to adjust some texture sizes (had to lower them) and adjust some sizes of a few models (had to enlarge them) to fit my game etc. Still a great deal.
26th Mar '18 17:08
This user owns this pack
I am using the Public Preview of Game Guru and the roads have low points where portions disappear. Also the sidewalks appear checkerboard like. Is this a problem with the game or the graphics?

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