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My full collection of the Terrestrial series of skies. Includes:

- Terrestrial Daybreak: A colorfully blue, pink, and yellow morning

- Terrestrial Early Dawn: A cold pre-dawn morning.

- Terrestrial Late Day: A bright afternoon sky.

- Terrestrial Autumn Sundown: A dim fall evening with oranges and muted aquamarine colors.

- Terrestrial Cold Sunset: A deep blue sky with a vivid sun just setting on the horizon.

All Skies are 2048x2048px PER texture; they are high quality skies designed for high quality games. I recommend middle of the road or better video hardware to avoid impacting game framerate quality.

These skies represent some of the most interesting ones I've seen and tried to reproduce to the best of my ability. They cover the gamut of early morning sunrises to distinct sunsets.

This pack brings both excellent value to you and your projects.

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