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Gameguru Underground.

Do you or a loved one have some one that needs to get lost.? Do you have problems disposing of unwanted gifts and bodies. Has mother in law's cooking backed up the food disposer again.?
Have to pesky neighborhood kids toilet papered your house for the last time.?

If you answered yes to at least one of the above questions, then we at wizard of id engineering have a great deal for you, for one special limited price, no money back guarantee. We are offering to build you a complex 3 level underground maze that is sure to get that somebody special lost.

Our underground maze is made from only the best materials in the industry, is stain proof and sound proof, and due to tireless effort from our science department is now also mother in law food proof.

T's and C's apply, contact assassinations, disposal fees and bread crumbs not included in sales price.

Polygon reduction on some faces.

Either grid snapping or normal snapping mode applies only to the tunnel system, pipes will require a mixture of manual and normal snap mode placement.

Some meshes are of high polygon detail and provide vital access across the 3 levels and should be carefully placed to avoid, performance issues.

Some tunnel entities have both a left and right side, to allow 360 degree rotation.

Wizard of id engineering thanks you for your continued support, and hopes that pesky person gets lost.

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