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IMPORTANT* Please watch the instruction video before use.

Make your games more immersive with interactivity.
Pack contains:
Interactive hand (weapon) designed for limb hit.
Desk with interactive drawers to place weapon/health/ammo and key pick ups.
Wall closet and cupboard to place interactive items.
Animated interactive Doors which can be set to use keys.
Animated weapons/health/ammo and key pickups to pick up or place in cupboards and drawers.
Books and drawers for interactive open and click to reveal messages.
Generic scripts to pick up any weapon/health/ammo or keys (for use with non-limbed entity's)
Generic scripts to open/close any doors (for use with non-limbed entity's)
35 entity's and 34 scripts in total.

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Artist rolfy
Non-Pack Price $26.75
Pack Saving 43.93%
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18th Dec '17 20:56
This user owns this pack
hello rofly,
thank you for this beautiful script!!
google translator (because I can not speak English well)
ich bin noch unerfahren und lerne gerade lua und co. deswegen habe ich eine frage... wie kann ich die interactive hand benutzen, sie erscheint im spiel nicht. muss ich sie in einem spezifischen ordner anlegen?

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