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Gameguru Top down/FPS corridors

Quickly assemble corridors from multi mesh entities, including walls, floors and windows.This model pack contains every thing you need for that epic space adventure, or FPS game

The collection contains 191 entities.
Texture size range is between 1024 x 1024 and 2048 x 2048

Some polygon faces have been removed for polygon reduction.

While all buildings follow grid snapping (pressing B key twice) some buildings aren't centered example

Some entities have been named (part 1) and (part 2) for easy identification and assembly.

If an entity is rotated all entities forming part of said building will need to be rotated exactly the same degree of rotating.

Before placing any entity, it is recommended to place the entity on flat ground first before placing the entity within the building to avoid the entity snapping the height incorrectly.

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Artist wizard of id
Non-Pack Price $216.00
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13th Sep '17 10:17
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Amazing pack this, so much detail and thought has gone into this, I have most of Wizards packs, and this is a great addition. Looks great with some gloomy lighting too, very atmospheric, a must have.

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