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Many science fiction content.(195 objects , considering the objects are inside collections)
Some objects in pack are not joined in GRIDmode and SNAPmode.
Some objects have an invisible face and can only be used for indoor scenes.
Some objects may be contained in other packages, consider this when buying.
Please note, browse the contents of the package and observe the content description when shopping.

Package will be updated with new content !

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Artist Oldpman
Non-Pack Price $107.97
Pack Saving 81.48%
Number of Items 101
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The seller has indicated the following engine support for some or all of the products in this pack, check individual products for complete support.

GameGuru Yes

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DDS .dds
DirectX .x


21st Mar '20 23:38
Everything Oldpman creates is high quality and visually stunning and this pack is no exception.
I purchased most individually and can tell you this is an awesome collection.
24th Oct '19 23:46
This user owns this pack
Great stuff, very cool!

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