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March 4, 2019: PBR conversions, mesh improvements, and new additions are still in progress. Several items are already updated. 

This pack includes guitars, basses, drums, cymbals, keyboards, stands, microphone, cases, pedals, amps, effects, speaker cabinets and more.

Please see item descriptions and screenshots for complete details.

Product Details

Artist M Stockton
Non-Pack Price $37.75
Pack Saving 49.67%
Number of Items 76

Engine Support

The seller has indicated the following engine support for some or all of the products in this pack, check individual products for complete support.

GameGuru Yes
Other Engines Yes

The seller has indicated they have provided files to support other additional engines. Check file formats for support in your engine.

File Formats

DDS .dds
DirectX .x


19th Jul '17 21:17
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Beautiful pack, just what you need to bring some life to your game, nice work here.

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