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City Road Pack can be used to construct city roads. You could add any buildings to make any size city. This can be used with Town Constructor Pack.

For ease of use, make sure to press the 'B' key twice to go to Grid mode and you can easily place the roads.

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Artist Sula
Non-Pack Price $8.20
Pack Saving 75.73%
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1st Dec '20 09:26
This user owns this pack
I give 4 stars not because i am not happy, but because he have made a better pack. That said; I want to say that even if this pack is old, it works 100% and is not a waste of money at all. I am very happy with this, and i use it, and recommend it, when your needs doesnt include having a road that is fantastic amazing supermega. Because you dont need to look down, you need to keep your eyes up, spot those zombienazis and killem all with the shotgun. No time for looking to closely at the asphalt textures. I say this is a good buy, and comes recommended, it is easy place, with snap. SIMPLE=GOOD!
7th Jul '17 13:04
This user owns this pack
Perfect pack for city roads system thanks.

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