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Add some icey clutter to your snowy worlds!

This pack contains Igloo Bunker, Igloo Bunker Door, Igloo Bunker Fire, and Hot Camp Fire models.

Please note that due to the light colours of the outer shell you need to design your levels so the Igloo Bunker is in shaded areas to prevent washout from the sun.

Igloo Bunker Door has an open\close animation, and also has opening and closing audio files.
The script for the door allows you to have the door locked and for the player to need a key to open it.
Please see this thread ( for info on setting up the door correctly, or go to the store listing for that separate item.

Igloo Bunker Fire with a smoke canopy and chimney for use in the bunker, and Hot Camp Fire for outside use have hot coals and logs along with ash, and use an illumination map to enhance the detail. Just add the fire decal that ships with Game Guru and you have a real cool - or rather hot! - fire in your game level.

Please use grid mode to ensure easy alignment of all models.

Igloo Bunker and Igloo Bunker Door share the same 2048 x 2048 texture.
Igloo Bunker Fire and Hot Camp Fire share the same 1024 x 1024 texture.

Poly Count:
Igloo Bunker = 804
Igloo Bunker Door = 640
Igloo Bunker Fire = 834
Hot Camp Fire = 538

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