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OVER 50 ITEMS AND GROWING! The "Number of Items" does not match the actual asset count included, due to the number of "Collections" in the pack. 

UPDATES ONGOING. May 28, 2020: Radio Sheds with and without tower have been updated with major improvements including the addition of foundations and animated doors with custom audio. Other recent updates include improved meshes and full PBR texture upgrades, new versions of several included assets, and the addition of other assets. See individual item descriptions for exact details!
May 29, 2020: Electronic Box 1 updated with various improvements and 3 new versions. Electronic Control 1 updated with PBR upgrade, mesh improvements, and the addition of a second version.

PLEASE NOTE: The vehicles in this pack desperately need to be updated, but those updates are not planned until all other items in the pack have been updated, due to the amount of work that will have to be done to get the vehicles up to date.

Please do not quickly glance at the screenshots to see what's inside. Scroll down to see the individual items. Some of the items in this pack are in other packs as well and screenshots may show some items that are NOT included here.

This pack also includes my original grid terrain to help you arrange your towers and buildings in a more specific pattern if you wish to do so.

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Artist M Stockton
Non-Pack Price $35.05
Pack Saving 50.07%
Number of Items 46
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GameGuru Yes
Other Engines Yes

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DDS .dds
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