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100% UPDATED as of September 22, 2017, with mesh and texture improvements and a new tower. Four trucks, microphone, and microphone stand added to the pack on September 23.

Please do not quickly glance at the screenshots to see what's inside. Scroll down to see the individual items. Some of the items in this pack are in other packs as well and screenshots may show some items that are NOT included here.

Various communications items and accessories to customize them. Several large items and lots of illumination. This is a work in progress and items will be added as they are completed.

This pack also includes my original grid terrain to help you arrange your towers in a more specific pattern if you wish to do so.

The pack price increases with every new item. Buy it early to get the new additions at no extra cost.

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Artist M Stockton
Non-Pack Price $12.05
Pack Saving 58.51%
Number of Items 45


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