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This is the complete collection of all my ww2 models that has been released so far.
You get a total of 276 items including 20 characters and 5 weapons.
Note: This is an old pack from FPS Creator it may have collision issues in GameGuru and will require some alterations to FPE files, only purchase if you are comfortable doing this.

Included in this pack are the following packs:

WWII Asset Pack #1: Outdoor Items
WWII Asset Pack #2: Indoor Items
WWII Asset Pack #3: Vehicles
WWII Asset Pack #4: Construction Items
WWII Asset Pack #5: Barrels and Crates
WWII Characters #1
WWII Characters #2
WW2 Weapons Pack #1
WW2 Weapons Pack #2

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Non-Pack Price $253.50
Pack Saving 74.36%
Number of Items 257
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24th Jan '21 21:00
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Great models for WW2 games!
7th Jan '21 12:11
This user owns this pack
If you are going to make a ww2 game ala Return to Castle Wolfenstein, you really really need this pack, it is awesome, and you do get a lot of great great stuff! Very very good :) It deserved 5 star from me, i gave it 4 _only_ because i need to edit fpe files, because the quality of the models, weapons, characters is really good. Is one of the best packs i have.
14th Dec '20 11:29
This user owns this pack
Yes - I think this pack was expensive. Yes - there was a lot of extra work I had to do. Yes - It is dated. Yes - You should have this pack, and I love it
19th Aug '20 16:12
This user owns this pack
25th Sep '19 20:24
This pack was originally made for FPS Creator Classic about 7 years ago and then converted to FPS Creator Reloaded. The collision system was different then.
25th Sep '19 19:24
This user owns this pack
A lot of the entities in this pack have collision issues and are not the correct material (pavement is wood when you step on it)

kind of annoying having to do all this myself when I paid good money to buy them from you

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