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This is the complete collection of all my modern weapons models that has been released so far. You get a total of 25 weapons.
Included in this pack are the following packs:
Modern Weapons Pack 1
Modern Weapons Pack 2
Modern Weapons Pack 3

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Artist BSP
Non-Pack Price $52.50
Pack Saving 33.33%
Number of Items 25


26th Jul '18 23:31
Can these weapons be used by the AI soldiers?
23rd Aug '17 02:39
4th Jun '17 22:29
how do I change firemodes? also, all your automatics weapons fire extremely fast... it looks and sounds all messed up. any chance of fix? I told you about this several times and you kinda shrugged it off but it looks bad
20th May '17 13:05
to bad you aint willing to chat with people id love to have comms with someone who can make weapons then id only need a animations artist and a coder

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