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The entire collection of thatmodelguy's current models at a discounted price

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Artist that model guy
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31st Oct '18 02:15
This user owns this pack
All is good now, great support!
30th Oct '18 18:21
This user owns this pack
The diner counter wasn't really meant to be snapped together, it was designed to just the two pieces. I can look into modeling a centerpiece that could be chained together to extend the counters. Let me look into the cooler fridge, there should be no reason why it's not showing up but I will make sure it's taken care of its there's a problem. Thanks for the heads up!
27th Oct '18 01:22
This user owns this pack
Also, where is the cooler fridge? I can't find it!
27th Oct '18 01:05
This user owns this pack
Nice pack! I only wish the diner counters lined up properly, better yet, snapped together using GGs snap or grid system. Very difficult to place and don't look right together when they are. Even bought the diner pack separately to see if it might be different. They are not!

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