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Set of 7 high quality animated weapons + new First Person Arms.

(Updated 27/06/2018)
- Added PBR Textures
- Improved reload animation of Assault Rifle and Submachine Gun.

Included in the package:

- Assault Rifle
- Combat Shotgun
- General-Purpose Machine Gun
- Semi-Automatic Pistol
- Shoulder-Launched Missile
- Sniper Rifle
- Submachine Gun

All weapons are also available as FBX files. Here you can see a video that shows all weapons, animations and sounds works with Unity:

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Artist BSP
Non-Pack Price $21.00
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1st Jul '18 20:52
Will this go on sale sometime :D?
6th Aug '17 09:17
Would love to see leaning animations like modern day survival has included if your able to do that.
6th Aug '17 09:16
Nice will there be any more packs like this one, Im needing alot of HQ animated modern weapons somewhat like Escape from Tarkov. Please add Iron sight only versions for all weapons besides snipers, that way for future adding weapon attachments are easier. Keep up the great work.
16th Jul '17 02:03
The best weapons pack I have seen for Game Guru so far. I will be purchasing this and using it for my game.
14th Jun '17 00:29
This user owns this pack
Great weapons and great models!
All weapons will be in my game :D
9th Jun '17 08:27
Can't wait to try these out when i get home, i needed a set of modern weapons with the same arm rig, the default ones are great but they all have different arm textures so looks weird when you swap, these look like perfect replacements.

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