***Please note: If you purchased items that are included in this pack before it was created on 6/19/2017, please contact me through the store for voucher options.***

Does your game include experiments gone terribly wrong? Lab creatures run amok? Science fiction? A historical or steampunk setting? Trips through aging engine & boiler rooms? Creepy warehouses that might benefit from vintage industrial equipment? Unsettling castles? Tesla coils? Then this is the pack for you! The items in this pack are first and foremost designed to bring any mad scientist's laboratory to life, but many of the items included are useful in a broad range of environments. A few even feel perfectly at home on distant alien worlds!

Many items in this pack actually contain more than one entity - in the form of alternate designs, associated decals, or modified textures.

New items are intended to be added to this pack over the course of 2017. I would like this pack to ultimately provide the tools to build a definitive mad science laboratory, so feel free to suggest items you would like to see included. But please purchase based on the items currently included.

Build the ill-fated science experiment of your dreams!

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Name The Mad Scientist's Laboratory & Lair
Artist Mad Lobster Workshop
Non-Pack Price $60.60
Pack Saving 67.00%
Number of Items 54


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