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Collection of walls and doors compatible with EBE to build either Scifi  FPS/3rdperson or Top Down levels
It includes the following items

10 Single/Raised Corners walls
1 Large Door and Door Frame
1 Small Door and Door frame
1 Light Pillar
1 Wall Pillar
10 Straight Walls
1 Single Window wall and glass
1 Double Window wall and glass
4 Cross Junction walls
4 Tjunctions walls
1 Raised Floor
3 Wall textures
10 Floor Textures

Textures size are between 1024 and 2048
Polygon range varies from 60 to 1200

Note Some polygon faces have been removed for polygon reduction

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Artist wizard of id
Non-Pack Price $26.00
Pack Saving 3.85%
Number of Items 2


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