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This pack is a large collection of assets created in the spirit of the weathered and neon-lit science fiction worlds that have inspired me
throughout my childhood and teens. I have put a lot of time and effort
in these models and hope that you will find them as fun as I do. The
packs focus is clearly on detail props, neon and architectural props.
Filling those gaps in your futuristic city map, adding that extra layer
of machinery to your space station and putting the monitors in your
military bunker. The assets, while evolved in quality, blend well with
my previous science fiction pack "Abandoned Terraforming Plant" and even something as ancient as Bugsy and my old Cyberpunk Pack.

This pack has slightly different content than the privately sold Forum version of 2016. Please keep that in mind when browsing the content.

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Artist Wolf
Non-Pack Price $70.73
Pack Saving 71.72%
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15th Nov '17 18:14
As one of the early purchasers of this before it even became available here, I have to say I'm extremely impressed with Wolf's quality and the overall unique feel to every single piece here. The illumination mapping is good and the actual set pieces give a very 'Deus Ex' feel to your Sci-Fi levels.

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