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This pack includes all of my skies up to this point as well as my advanced time of day and weather system.

Items included:
  • HD Space Skies Set (9 space-themed skies suitable for alien planets or night skies)
  • The Terrestrial Skies Set (6 earth-based skies for different themes and locales)
  • The 2017 Terrestrial Skies Set (6 earth-based skies specifically designed to work with my weather system).
  • The new Advanced Weather and Time of Day system

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Artist Bolt Action Gaming
Non-Pack Price $44.50
Pack Saving 57.42%
Number of Items 22


27th Oct '17 11:55
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This is a seriously great pack. The weather system takes your project to a whole new level of excitement and immersion. The skyboxes are really well made and quickly took over as some of my favorites. This is just overall great quality for a really good price when you consider the time that goes into making all of these assets. I'm happy to have it in the toolbox!

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