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This pack includes 3 script that allow creating of Survival style games with GameGuru. Features:
  • Hunger, Thirst and Tiredness statistics that increase unless player finds food, water and shelter
  • Swimming and Stamina script that allow player swim across narrow rivers
  • Degradable Weapons script that causes weapons to take damage when used
The pack also includes the RPG Menu, updated version of which is compatible with the Survival script set. Features:
  • Inventory to carry up to 14 types of items
  • Equipment screen to view weapon durability and control the Flashlight
  • Status screen to view Hunger, Thirst and Tiredness statistics
  • Options screen to customize the text style
NOTE: Parts of this script pack may conflict with existing or future implementations of a similar feature provided in the core product, and users are recommended to research any existing functionality provided before purchasing this pack.

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Artist Moshroom
Non-Pack Price $10.10
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16th Jul '18 14:23
Hei, Jarkko. Yes, you can use this in an FPS game. The Menu system was built in a classical RPG game style, but can be used in any type of game. It's designed to show only stuff that is relevant - if other RPG scripts are used, it shows the RPG data; if the Survival scripts are used, it shows the Survival parameters. If it's used without other scripts, it only shows the Inventory, Weapon count, Health (and Spell power is 3rd player Wizard is used) + Options.
28th Jun '18 06:14
Excellent. Can I use this script pack in FPS game?
8th Jan '18 20:37
I’m working with it now. I’ve created a mouse cursor logic and tested it with the RPG2 script ([LINK REMOVED]). I’ll probably finish it there first and then start working with the original RPG set. As I said in the earlier post, implementing the mouse cursor in the original RPG set will be time consuming due to way the scripts were originally written.
5th Jan '18 20:16
Hello, Tauben. No, this is just a pack of my survival related scripts bundled with the old Menu script, that has been updated to show Survival related stuff in the Weapon and Status screens when the Survival scripts are used together with it. The mouse support option is still on planned stage, because the way the menu logic works it’d be harder than one might think to actually implement it. Very time consuming at least. Also I need to consider the best way to do it. And I want to keep the keys only option available too, because that’s the way the script was originally planned.
29th Dec '17 16:38
Tell me please, mouse control is supported in this version?

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