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The Ultimate Wild West Pack is one of the most beautiful pack in Game Creator Store you could need to construct a Western or Wild West game like  Red Dead Redemption, Call of Juarez or Gun. You can make a big city as in the video or multiple small cities scattered around. It is all up to you. Better optimize by building small cities and connect them through teleportation. This method will allow fast loading and better game play.

The collection contains over 80 entities that can be used individually or in combination to create any unique wild west town. The Polygon range is between 100 and 6000 (only one model has around 9564 poly and the rest are below 5000). It should be able to run in most medium range computers.

The types of models in this pack:
1) Building a fencing around the city and they are 4 models. You will have to be in snapping mode for item placement
2) A lot of static models for decoration purposes
3) There are around 40 buildings and 2 stables and 1 church buildings
4) There are 3 type of towers and the windmill is animated with around 1000 poly
5) Couple of props to spice up the scenes
6) Cactus trees to beautify the environment.

Check the Youtube video link of the city made by this pack:

Check my Blog for more information about the old and new packs:

  • The performance of your game will depend on how you construct your Wild West Town If used wisely, you should be able to make a very beautiful town. Make sure you use few models at a scene to speed up the game. Make wall to prevent players wondering around. Then use a way to move from scene to scene through teleportation or other method. If you make a make like what I have down, It will take long time to load.
  • Adjust the "Surface Sun Factor" in Gameguru to adjust the normal map. You can get this menu when you are in play and click tab.
  • Reduce the Normal and Specular maps size to allow the texture to load faster. It is always easy to downsize the images and you will not loose the quality.
  • Make sure to use the snapping mod of "Grid" when placing items such as Telegraph poles.
  • Please give your feedback about the pack and if you need assistance. 

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17th Feb '21 16:34
Ncreb88, I am not excellent at making characters but I will see what I can do about that. Thanks for commenting
14th Feb '21 12:01
this is an amazing collection. however , where would you get western npc bandits or cowboys??????? unable to find western characters anywhere.
2nd Feb '21 23:00
This user owns this pack
This is great news! Thanks for the your answer.
1st Feb '21 03:36
Thanks, Tauben. I have a plan to update the pack for Gameguru Max. I will add a couple of models at no extra charge. It just might take time to finish.
1st Feb '21 03:14
This user owns this pack
I want to add: if you build the _entire_ map with houses from this set, then fps will remain at 75 fps. The packages from Sula are very well optimized.
And if you need to save even more memory, you can always lower the texture resolution to 1024 using PaintNet.

My spec very modest: CPU AMD FX-8300 3720MHz, GPU RX470 4GB. (I don't write about memory, because GG Classic is a 32-bit product, I think all users have more than 4GB )
1st Feb '21 02:52
This user owns this pack
Great set for a very small price. If you have ideas about the "wild west" or something similar - this is just a "must have".

PS. Dear Sula, thanks for your alls packs.
Small request: (if you are in the mood) the "cowboy hat" model would perfectly complement this wonderful set (this is just an optional wish).
25th Oct '18 02:01
This user owns this pack
I just purchased this pack because I saw it in Len the man's game. Great pack and I appreciate the enter-able buildings! Great work at an amazing price.
9th May '18 04:58
This user owns this pack
Another excellent pack from Sula! AMAZING DETAIL and certainly won't be disappointed in purchasing this pack!
5th Apr '18 16:05
Len the man, thanks and enjoy. I hope you create a nice game with it. good luck.
5th Apr '18 00:48
This user owns this pack
I just purchased the Ultimate Wild West Pack, tried some of it out in Game Guru, and it all looks beautiful.

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