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This electronic music pack is to start with 32 of my best tracks, all remastered and presented here as 44.1k high quality wave files. 

More files will be added through 2018, so grab it now as the price is likely to increase as more is added. 

This is a real bargain.

The music ranges from fast tracks to slow brooding style synth washes of sound. 

If played from end to end, all tracks, the original 32, last for approx 4 hours.

Great for your project whichever genre you are working in. 

File size is large so may take a while to download if you have a slow connection. 

Equipment used.
Novation Ultranova synth.
Waldorf Blofeld synth.
King Korg synth.
Alesis SR18 drum machine.
Roland Gaia synth.
Roland D05 synth module.

Tracks included are:

Alien Atmosphere
Alien Attack
Assault on the Law
Crystal Prison
Dark Woods
Dead Mars
Dead Town
Deep Sea
Desolate Buildings
End Game
Hidden Doorways (Numan Inspired)
Horror Chase
Knife Walker
Lawless City
Machine Heart
Metal Edges *New*
Power Cell
Shadows (Numan Tribute)
Space Station
Speed Runner
Stranded *New*
Stranger Things
The Apartment
Total Isolation
Tribal Ice
Warm Waters *New*
Zombie Island

Lots of tracks, most of which are nearly 8,9 or 10 minutes long. 


Dream State ReMastered Added.
Silent Countryside ReMastered Added.
Submarine Base ReMastered Added.
The Outpost ReMastered Added.
Vacuum ReMastered Added.

Angry Clouds ReMastered Added.
Broken Car (Rover Mix) ReMastered Added.

Alien Tribes ReMastered Added.

Faraway Night ReMastered Added.
The Crater ReMastered Added.
Vikings 01 - Longboats ReMastered Added. *New*
Vikings 02 - Sunrise ReMastered Added. *New*
Loss ReMastered Added. *New*

Dread (Loss 2) ReMastered Added. *New*
The Staircase (Loss 3) ReMastered Added. *New*
Tin Can Trap (Loss 4) ReMastered Added. *New*

Cloak and Dagger Added. *new*

Council Estate - 2018 ReMaster Added.
Metallic Caves ReMaster Added.
Abandoned Hospital ReMaster Added.
Desert Alien ReMaster Added. 
Drone Theme ReMaster Added.

Dead Town - Extended ReMaster Added. *New*

The Sleep Temple ReMaster Added. *New*
The Temple ReMaster Added. *New*
Turn and Run ReMaster Added. *New*
Sins ReMaster Added. *New*

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Artist Tarkus1971
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10th Jun '18 21:43
This user owns this pack
This is a really interesting pack that offers a lot of possibilities for a GameGuru dev. Many of the tracks included would be an effortless fit for a "blade runner" evoking cyberpunk game, a game that references or brings to mind 1970s/80s horror films, or any production that includes an emphasis on mystery and the unknown. But those are only the obvious fits, these tracks could be used to bring out unexpected atmosphere in less obvious "matches" as well. The tracks being of a longer than usual length also makes them a great fit for exploration games and is a unique selling point.
28th May '18 23:09
This user owns this pack
Awesome pack!
19th May '18 10:10
Thanks for the comment, I really do appreciate feedback and I can assure you, this pack will grow and grow, I will be doing a few more mysterious and tense tracks and add them, as well as some middle age style music too. Thank you.
6th May '18 17:04
This user owns this pack
I appreciate your creativity and ear for music. This pack is amazing and highly recommended for many different genres of games.

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