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Pack created June 6, 2018.
Updated July 8, 2018 with new items.

IMPORTANT: The sale page gives an incorrect number of the items included. There are several "collections" included. See each collection for specifics.

Contains new models as well as improved older assets, all in PBR, with some illumination, animation, and scripts for making ammo. Targets, racks, safes, signs, etc. More items will be added soon. The price will increase as new items are added, so buy it early to save money.

Please see all images, videos, and item descriptions for more details.

Note that there are no weapons or characters included!

Product Details

Artist M Stockton
Non-Pack Price $11.50
Pack Saving 56.52%
Number of Items 6


18th Jun '18 16:00
Really ace work here. A must-buy even at it's non-sale price, total value purchase.

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