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by Lafette


old little city center
In Raster mode (2xB) very easy to set objects for the design of a city center. It only has to be paid attention to the heights. Everything else is done almost by itself. The individual buildings result in a
varied street picture through 90 or 180 degrees of rotation.

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Artist Lafette
Non-Pack Price $33.00
Pack Saving 75.76%
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26th Oct '18 16:38
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Great pack, thank you!
18th Aug '18 12:24
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It's a great pack, congratulations Lafette.
15th Aug '18 19:50
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Fantastic pack here, there are so many cool models in this pack, I hope more will be added in the future, such as a blank road name sign, so the purchaser can have unique road names in there projects, just an idea. Lots of detail here, this pack is going to be very useful. I sense a murder/mystery game starting up.

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