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This Item is part of the kit to build your own unique Medieval Building. Any building that comes to your mind can be built with these components. The only limit is your imagination. All textures are PBR ready to be used in the latest Gameguru PBR update.
The only issue with this approach is that it can be heavy on the PC CPU due to the numbers of draw calls. If you balance the number of items used, there is no problem. On the other hand, to avoid draw calls issue, you can use any modeling package or Unity engine with some plug-in to combine the components into a single mesh and combine the textures into a single atlas texture. All approaches are valid and all depends on you on how you want to do it. There is an FBX model included to be used in any external model package or another game engine.  

The most important tips & tricks to use when you purchase and try to use the models for your game are:
- Adjust the "Surface Sun Factor" in Gameguru to adjust the normal map. You can get this menu when you are in play mode and click the tab
- Reduce the AO, Metalness and gloss maps size to allow the texture to load faster. It is always easy to downsize the images and you will not lose the quality.
- You must know how to rotate and snap items in the game guru.
- This kit will go nicely with Medieval City Construction Pack (

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