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The Shanty Town Construction Pack is one of the most beautiful packs in Game Creator Store if you need to make an fps game. You can make a connected big city as in the video or multiple small cities scattered around. It is all up to you. Better optimize by building small cities and connect them through teleportation. This method will allow fast loading and better game play. Some of these collections have LOD up to two levels to allow better optimizations.

The collection contains over 70 entities that can be used individually or in combination to create any unique FPS game. The Polygon range is between 100 and 4000 (most of the high-end models have LODs). It should be able to run in most medium range computers.

Check the Youtube video link of the city made by this pack:

Check my Blog for more information about the old and new packs:

  • The performance of your game will depend on how you construct your Shanty Town If used wisely, you should be able to make a very beautiful town. Make sure you use few models at a scene to speed up the game. Make wall to prevent players wandering around. Then use a way to move from scene to scene through teleportation or other methods. If you make a make like what I have down, It will take a long time to load.
  • Adjust the "Surface Sun Factor" in Gameguru to adjust the normal map. You can get this menu when you are in play and click the tab.
  • Reduce the Normal and Specular maps size to allow the texture to load faster. It is always easy to downsize the images and you will not lose the quality.
  • Make sure to use the snapping mod of "Grid" when placing items such as walls.
  • Please give your feedback about the pack and if you need assistance. 
  • Some of the models are using 4096x1024 texture size about 2mb in size. You could reduce the texture to 2048x512 but you will lose some quality.
  • House models use the same textures and you might need to over right some of the texture when prompt.

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21st Aug '19 14:51
great pack, I will purchase it when my wallet finally gives me the chance to lol
4th Nov '18 14:25
Thanks, Tarkus1971 for purchasing the pack and I hope you make a killer game with it.
4th Nov '18 11:40
This user owns this pack
What a great and very useful pack this is. Full of enterable and well thought out shanty building. Excellent.

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