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WARNING: All oldshack models require access to apbr_basic.fx files. If you are using a previous beta version, that does not support PBR fx effect commands, then you might want to refrain from purchase at this time.
This pack contains abandoned buildings (shacks) in different levels of neglect. Included is a walkway that will help with the transition of models and terrain.
Edit 12/22/2018 :Second Edit 01/04/2019
Note: old shacks with included transparent window glass will not work as intended in water due to, FPE file transparency, code that is required for the windows.  All models with out glass in the widows work as intended in the water. Those models with glass may lose water transparency below the waterline. Recommendation: Only use old shack models with out glass for placement in water.

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Non-Pack Price $39.25
Pack Saving 83.44%
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28th Mar '19 12:24
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These shacks / sheds are fantastic entities. I'm using these a lot and they look great. Well made, amazing value and work with no problems. Quite simply a bargain.
12th Feb '19 02:12
This user owns this pack
Top quality!

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