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This pack contains 2 scripts that allow creating of classic JRPG style games with GameGuru:
  • Turn-Based Battle System script
  • Advanced NPC Interaction script
  • Turn-based battle system with damage dealing mechanics based on 5 RPG statistics (Strength, Defence, Agility, Accuracy, Wisdom)
  • Party consisting of up to 4 Characters with different abilities, strengths and weaknesses
  • Built-in Menu system to view and use Items and Spells and to change Equipment (Call Menu with Q key)
  • Money and Shop systems to buy Items and Equipment
  • Spell system wih Master NPC:s to teach player new Spells
  • Fully customizable RPG Database
  • Default Database with 4 Character Classes, 19 Battle Commands, 17, States, 32 General Items, 3 Utility Items, 26 Spells, 9 Weapons, 9 Armors and 13 Accessories
  • 8 Player Character and 6 Enemy Character scripts for default GameGuru entities
  • Branched conversations with NPC characters to progress the story
  • Bonus: 3 music tracks to help you create an atmospheric mood for your game
The pack contains a framework for full game out-of-box, but in order to customize it properly, it is recommended to have a basic knowledge of Lua. If not, please at least read carefully the instructions found in the individual script pages. Please also watch the videos attached so you'll know what you'll get. The pack is optimized for 1st person view withouth default weapons.

NOTE: Parts of this script pack may conflict with existing or future implementations of a similar feature provided in the core product, and users are recommended to research any existing functionality provided before purchasing this pack.

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Well wow!
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