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Set of 7 high quality animated weapons.

(Updated 21/04/2020)
- Added FBX Files

(Updated 16/04/2019)
Changed 'fireloop' value to -1 in gunspec file to fix audio issue of automatic fire mode where the fire sound is cut off as soon as the firing stops.

(Updated 21/03/2019)
- Removed some of the old sound effects and added a new ones

Included in the package:

- JNG Sniper Rifle (JNG-90)
- M9 Pistol (Beretta M9)
- M32 Grenade Launcher (Milkor MGL)
- MG36 Light Machine Gun
- MK3A1 Jackhammer
- MTAR-21
- Russian Assault Rifle (RPK-74M)

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Artist BSP
Non-Pack Price $21.00
Pack Saving 14.29%
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GameGuru Yes
Other Engines Yes

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File Formats

DDS .dds
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PNG .png
WAV .wav
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7th Jun '19 05:01
BSP I need help! I bought a JNG Sniper Rifle but it does not show up! :C You can send a video to my email ([email protected] teaching step by step! because I want to buy the other weapons!
20th May '19 03:37
you should make a non finger gloves version like your old weapons because that gloves are tactiCool
10th Apr '19 17:08
I love your guns , almost buy all ;)
21st Mar '19 10:46
Ok, I have removed some of the old sound effects and added a new ones.
20th Mar '19 16:19
First of all I'm not author of these sound effects. I'm not an audio creator and audio expert so I was able to use only the free sounds found in the internet. It's very difficult to find high quality sounds available for free and for commercial use.
20th Mar '19 13:20
This user owns this pack
Currently not a good product. Most of the sounds have clear hearable background noise and are absolutly useless in this form. Other packs of this creator where on higher quality.
22nd Jan '19 10:40
This user owns this pack
amazing job with these. Really cool!

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