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This pack contain about 100 buildings, most of then are destroye via gun (ie rpg), producing debris, these debris follow the laws of physics and gravity.

You can identify the breakable buildings easily, since they has names as "building1 (breaking)"
They has already the accurate script attached, just place any of these building over your map, test i and shoot against the building, so you will see the building destroying like in the war games.

The others are static building, entrables most of them, all they are dirty, grunge, abandones, old, or something like that..
Most of them having debris or are semi-destroyed.

Contain also a ruin/grunge train you can use in your apocaliytic(war game..

I plane to upload later other pack as extension, containing pros most of them matching with this pack like streets, abandoned/ruin/grunge cars, bridges, fences, barrels, windows, doors, breakables/explodables most of them.

[url=]Breaking buildings support thread

[url=]Old_buldings support thread

Thanks for buy my meshes :)

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Artist 3com
Non-Pack Price $29.05
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