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Get all the best space skies available for GG in one low priced pack.

Skies included:
Sunrise on Kepler 82
Frozen Pearl
Planet Icarus
Life on the Ring
Dead Planet
Foreign Planet
Added as of 4/15 - Pack Freebie 'Lonely Ice'

All of these are 4k texture resolution cubemaps with all 6 sides available.  Two of them have a faux ground surface on the negative Y plane (kepler 82 and frozen pearl).

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Artist Bolt Action Gaming
Non-Pack Price $17.00
Pack Saving 35.35%
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GameGuru Yes

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15th Mar '19 19:40
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Absolutely beautiful skies. If you're doing any kind of sci-fi or space projects without these, you're missing the whole point. Highly recommended. Dead Planet and Planet Icarus are my personal favorites. Excellent work and worth the price.

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