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This version of the City Construction Road Pack is more advance and PBR compliant compared to the previous version. This Pack should help you make better believable and beautiful roads. Which in turns should look good with any buildings you buy from the store.

For your final game please follow the following advice:
1) Make sure you reduce some of the texture sizes for the ease of loading and running. AO, Gloss, and Metalness do not require high texture size.
2) Most of the models are small in size except the traffic lights below 1k poly.
3) The decals are a bit tough to place in the seen. Just be patent and attempt more than once to make it perfect.
4) Some roads are following American standard and other Europen. You have a wide choice to choose from.
5) If the roads don't fit properly, make sure you turn the model using "R" at 180 degrees. 

For ease of use, make sure to press the 'B' key twice to go to Grid mode and you can easily place the roads.

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11th Feb '21 08:51
This user owns this pack
Well.. no. This is _not_ in mega pack 3. Denis is wrong, and not for the first time, i might add. I have this pack, and I have mega pack 3, and i guarantee: this road pack is unique. Great quality, and diversity.
28th Nov '19 17:12
It have in MEGA PACK 3

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