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This pack contains a collection of models and script to create your own Isometric Medieval Dungeon game.

The pack consists of:

A complete UI HUD including survival aspects with thirst, hunger, healing potions, food, and drink.
Improved door and key scripts (fixes the issue with third person and player visibility),
Scripts to attack and brak walls and chests.


32x Wall and Floor segments
13x Fixture items 
9x Collectable items
48x Miscellaneous clutter items
3x Box items
1x Barrel Item
20x Furniture items

Each of the wall and floor segment pieces conform to the grid snap system of GameGuru accessed by pressing B twice in the editor.

Note: This kit is low poly and low resolution (textures are between 512x512 and 1024x1024) designed specifically for an isometric viewed game, they may not be suitable for use in games that have a camera position closer to the entities.

For more detailed instructions on using this kit, please read my guide here:

Product Details

Artist Belidos
Non-Pack Price $42.50
Pack Saving 52.96%
Number of Items 7

Engine Support

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GameGuru Yes

File Formats

DDS .dds
LUA .lua
DirectX .x


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