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The Small Village Pack is another beautiful pack in Game Creator Store you could need to construct a small village. You can make a big city as in the pictures or multiple small cities scattered around, It is all up to you. Better optimize by building small cities and connect them through teleportation. This method will allow for fast loading and better gameplay.

The collection contains over 50 entities that can be used individually or in combination to create any unique European village town. The Polygon range is between 100 and 4500. It should be able to run in most medium range computers.

* Trees are not part of the pack.

  • The performance of your game will depend on how you construct your Village If used wisely, you should be able to make a very beautiful village. Make sure you use few models at a scene to speed up the game. Make wall to prevent players from wandering around. Then use a way to move from scene to scene through teleportation or another method. If you make a scene like shown in the pictures, It will take a long time to load.
  • Adjust the "Surface Sun Factor" in Gameguru to adjust the normal map. You can get this menu when you are in play and click the tab.
  • Reduce the gloss and metalness maps size to allow the texture to load faster. It is always easy to downsize the images and you will not lose the quality.
  • Make sure to use the snapping mod of "Grid" when placing items such as walls
  • Please give your feedback about the pack and if you need assistance. 

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21st Oct '19 16:14
Very easy fix. PM me and I'll do it.
24th Sep '19 14:22
Tony, sorry for the door problems. I used the original code that came with Gameguru and I don't know how to fix it. I am an Artist and I have no clue about programming especially in Lua. Maybe you could ask around the forum for help. I looked at the code and it seems, the collider is diable when you click the E. You might find a good code to purchase that will accomplish the task better.
17th Sep '19 09:25
This user owns this pack
This is a great pack but there are a couple of small problems. When you open the door by tapping E the door opens and works as expected but when you tap E again to close the door, you can walk right through it as if it is not there. This happens with both the included doors. Also the included cooking pot does not render. The detail of the houses, bridge, fences and carts are excellent.

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