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City Construction Pack is the ultimate package with all the entities that you will need to construct a rustic city in any desirable size. You can make a big city as in the video or multiple small cities scattered around. It is all up to you. 

The collection contains over 105 entities that can be used individually or in combination to create any unique city. The Polygon is below 3k for most of the models except one shop model 131 is around 8k. It should be able to run in most medium-range computers.

Check the Youtube video link of the city made by this pack:

1) The performance of your game will depend on how you construct your city. If used wisely, you should be able to make a very beautiful city. 
2) Add Emergency stairs to each building to give it a rustic and old feeling
3) These models do not have an inside model (outside mesh only). You could use any models for inside view and you need to move from scene to scene.
4) To place the road, press the button "B" twice to go to grid mode.

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7th Dec '20 11:02
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one word: BUY!
8th Aug '20 18:29
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5th Apr '20 10:15
Thanks Teabone. Position or negative Reviews always help the modeler to take his work to the next level
4th Apr '20 23:32
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Fantastic pack

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