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Guru Trenches - build beautiful trenches inside your levels with this detailed trench building kit!
Combine the sophisticated terrain shape tool with these premade trench pieces to create unique levels and scenes depicting old warfare.
Styled after the trenches depicted in World War One, this trench kit includes an assortment of detailed trenches for your levels.
Each trench piece is of high quality, complete with a detailed texture map and model. Place the pieces next to each other and blend them.
How to build trenches:
1. Simply lay out your pieces in the editor and overlap them so you cannot see the ground.
2. Raise the terrain above the grassy mesh of the exterior trench so you can pain grass above
3. Lower or raise your water level to create puddles or added detail.

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25th Jun '20 17:57
Thank you Corrosion! And yes more creators building weapons would be great!
24th Jun '20 23:34
Man, if only we had some more WW1/WW2 weapons.
24th Jun '20 20:54
23rd Jun '20 23:04
Thank you Denis87z
21st Jun '20 18:10
good work

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