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All you need to quickly start creating a unique game without skills.

This script pack includes:
  • [1] KrutoGamer HUD - player health points and ammo. Unique health bar and ammo counter. Hint on the screen when you need to reload your weapon.
  • [2] KrutoGamer Super Jump Zone. The universal system of super-jumps in the marked zone will fit perfectly into any old-school shooter.
  • [3] KrutoGamer Quest system 7 items. Universal quest system for collecting the necessary amount of any items. When all the items are collected, you will go to the evacuation zone and go to the next level. The screen displays text information with a description of the quest. The player always knows what to do and where to go.

If you don't have any lua skills, then you can use these scripts as is. If you have lua skills, then you will just get some good ready-made game mechanics to quickly start creating a game. Each scenario has a quick guide to use. Each script has its own page in the store, where you can find more detailed instructions than inside the scripts. Most of the data displayed by scripts on monitor screens can be edited using variables in the customization section. Just open the script using Notepad to make changes, if necessary.

I really hope that everyone will like "KrutoGamer Easy Game Creation - Script Pack #1".

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