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This pack contains cash money and other valuables to use as props or collectables inside your games. If you purchase and would like something added to the pack please leave a comment on this page I will try to add your requests :)

Contains bricks of cash, multiple types, backpacks filled with money, and more!

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Artist Valuable Assets
Non-Pack Price $58.50
Pack Saving 82.92%
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17th Aug '20 17:31
This is really nice, I wishlisted for now but will def buy.
14th Aug '20 04:56
I made a money script system - this would go really well with it
13th Aug '20 20:54
Very cool
5th Aug '20 20:34
Thank you Duchenkuke!
5th Aug '20 08:16
Great Set of Assets! I dont need it in my current project, but I think this will come in handy for many others!
30th Jul '20 20:07
Thank you for the support TrollbaeStudios!
29th Jul '20 17:16
This user owns this pack
Extremely high quality assets! These will fit perfectly into my enemies secret stash! Only negative point is the plastic bags of cash is slightly low resolution, but everything else is great! Thank you!

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