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Zombie Monster Pack - Is ideal for those of you who are waiting to make a zombie game in the new Game Guru Max software or even the classic software.

This pack consists of 80 high quality files that have been recorded on professional software at 48k 24bit Wav to make sure your game sounds as professional as I should be.

Everything on the demo track has come from this pack, so you shouldn't have any problems making your game sound scary.

Go to the audio section to download this today -

12 Folders include: 

Atmospheres - 10 x files 
Creepy Rise and Impacts - 10 x files 
Demo - 1 x file
Dramatic Drums - 5 x files
Drones - 5 x files
Envoronment - 10 x files 
Human Screams - 5 x files
Tension Strings - 5 x files
The Hoard - 5 x files
Zombie Death - 10 x files 
Zombie Growls - 10 x files 
Zombie Resting - 5 x files

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