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This pack contains trucks from Soviet Era to the Present Russian Era.
This pack is complex in terms of modeling and because there are 7 types of trucks in terms of the loading area (truck cabin). The skins are military skins but these trucks can be used for civilian trucks and require you to change the color using hue bar adjustments. Low to Medium Poly 3D Truck Pack contains 7 Truck types with 6 different skins which are GameGuru ready. In total, you get around 42 Trucks ready to be used in Gameguru. The pack is ideal for those who are looking at making a modern war or post-apocalyptic scene with trucks on the road. Besides, if you are creative enough, you could use the pack for parking simulators, strategy games, racing games, TopDown games, and any other projects (You will need to use Blender and add some animation). 

All models have a low to Med poly count, ranging from 9000 triangles for the simplest models to 13000 triangles for the more complex ones. All Models have LODs to two to reduce overall polycount. Always, use the models in an optimum way to reduce overall poly count (Be careful how you place cars in the scene).

The price is high because the sales of trucks are not enough to justify modeling more trucks. 

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Artist Sula
Non-Pack Price $45.00
Pack Saving 55.58%
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